Colorado Gold Mission Statement

We are a club that will strive for excellence.  We will train athletes to compete at the national level using a strong fundamental skills based program.  Our coaching staff is experienced, knowledgeable, and will be consistent and dedicated to each player’s success.  Colorado Gold Basketball will also promote a sense of community among our members and families.  We will provide an environment that promotes personal growth as well as the development of an elite basketball player.

Reasons why YOU should consider Colorado Gold

Our entire focus is on teaching fundamental basketball and developing the all-around player.  This is what high school and college coaches are looking for in future players. We focus on four things:
1. Play hard
2. Play Smart
3. Fundamentals
4. Never give up, no matter what

All of our coaches are former high school or college coaches.  They know what coaches are looking for in players 

One of our coaches is a former NBA player and a former Division I men’s basketball coach.  No other program in Colorado and perhaps the nation can make that claim.

This will be a year-round program with practices twice a week.  We anticipate competing in several national tournaments each year.

Our style of play will emphasize up tempo, fast breaking, continuous motion on offense and pressing, trapping full court man to man on defense.  This style appeals to many high school and college coaches.

We limit the ratio of coaches to players so that each player will have one on one feedback at every practice.  Our coaches are also willing to work with you individually or in small groups outside of practice.

All of our coaches in our program have college playing experience.

On occasion we will have guest speakers (coaches and players) participate in special practices so you can learn the game from a variety of basketball experts.


For more information contact:

Adam Simental

Cell: 720-290-8827

or Chris Tiritas